Whitworth gallery…

I found that there was a range of artwork at the gallery and they inspired me in my art practice. After looking at the responses of the interactive pieces i wanted to create interactice art!


Posted 2 years ago

Whitworth gallery…dark matters.

I found this exbition very inspiring as it had alot of interesting art wrth. I liked how the table was rotating and as the light caught the objects it casted shadows arund the whole room.

My favourite artwork in the gallery! I found the way the wrk was displayed and constructed very skillful. As part of the audience you feel involved in the artists work, after seeing this i really wanted to create a interactive piece however with the theme and materials i was working with i found it hard t cnstruct an interactive piece that would have worked well with the audience.

Collection of prints and textile garments

Corner house-

RASHID RANA- At the time i was looking at the artist Rashid Rana and i wasnt very familiar with his work till i saw a large piece at the Freize art fare. When i went to the corner house there was a large collection of his work. I was really excited as the images i saw of the work didn’t do justice to his work. I liked how there was a variation between his work but yet you could recognise his style f photography and how he minipulates the viewers eyes.

Posted 2 years ago

When you see Rana’s work you see how well he thought of the structure of the mirrors to create the effect he has using photographs combined with cut mirrors. The images of this piece don’t do justice to the actual work itself…it was definitely worth while to see visit the show as i am interested in his style of work.